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Search Updated

Search Updated

We’ve been listening to your sound requests as well as the search logs. It seems that like us, many of you are have issues spelling. (no offense)

Many of the requests are for sounds that we have in the catalog but that the requester has somehow misspelled.

The solution? We’ve integrated an auto suggest search feature that will suggest words based on our sound catalog. It shows you what we have in our database. Pretty cool huh?

So give it a try and give us some feedback. Thanks for using and be sure to tell your friends about us. :)

SoundBible Search Upgrade

Search Update

Search Update has upgraded our search and tag features. We had a few issues with searching our sounds, the main one was that the results were gradually becoming more and more unrelated.This is because of our tagging system.

Before searching for a term would show you all sounds that had that word anywhere within the sounds data.

Now searching for a term will first give you the exact term, and if there is no term it will then perform a broader search.

As an example searching for pig before would yield both pig, pigs, and pigeon since pigeon has a pig in it. Now however it will only yield pig.

Hope this helps everyone out.

Feedback welcome!

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