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Hoot Owl

Nice short hoot owl or barred owl call sound clip. Field recording by Tony Phillips. Sound recorded June 1997. The Barred Owl, Strix varia, is a large typical owl. It goes by many other names, including eight hooter, rain owl, wood owl, and striped owl, but is probably known best as the hoot owl.

Tony Phillips Tony Phillips
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Barred Owl

Sound of a Barred Owl in the forest of mohonk preserve. Great nature sound clip with some other birds in the distance as well. Field recording by Tony Phillips. Recorded at 9am in the morning New Paltz, June 1997 Tony says We stared at each other for about ten minutes. Every so often he would hoot. Each hoot was accompanied by a white flash from his collar as his throat pouch swelled and presumably showed the lighter, lower parts of the feathers.

Tony Phillips Tony Phillips
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A ground squirrel sound recorded in Denali national forest. A public domain nature sound.

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American Robin

The amrican robin is a common bird to the united states, and while the robin does live elsewhere there are small variations that make this bird unique.
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Sounds from a Anhinga deep in the everglades of Florida USA. The Anhinga or Snake Bird is a water bird.
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Alder Flycatcher

The Alder Flycatcher is a small birg that lives in thickets. Very much like the Willow Flycatcher.
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