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Attribution 3.0

Air Wrench Short

Sound of an air wrench like that used during a NASCAR pit stop being used to remove or put a lug nut on.

Lightning McQue Lightning McQue
 69798     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Unscrew Bulb

Sound of an old school lightbulb being removed. Recording so clear you can hear the fillament shaking.

Mike Koenig Mike Koenig
 35224     4/5

Public Domain

Shampoo Hair

Sound of someone shampooing their hair or washing a animal or similar sound effect. Great washing or bathing sound effect. Original sound by natalie, I cleaned up the audio and removed background noise, bumps, clicks, and needless blank sound.

mike koenig mike koenig
 29493     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Sweeping Broom Shorter

Sound of an oldschool straw broom sweeping up some trash.

Mike Koenig Mike Koenig
 25993     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Broom Sweeping

Clean and crisp sound of a broom sweeping the floor. Long sound effect at 34 sec. Was a request.

Mike Koenig Mike Koenig
 20750     4/5

Public Domain

Steve Calling

Claiming Steveis calling. This is user submitted content. Not sure why steve is calling, but he is. We had to remove 2 curse words sorry.

Dave Dave
 19639     4/5