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Public Domain

Creepy Laugh

An Evil laugh created by mixing different pitches together and adding a echo. Thanks to Adam Webb.

Adam Webb Adam Webb
 259187     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Ricochet Rapid Fire

Rapid secession ricochet sound effects. More thanks to Grant Evans.

Grant Evans Grant Evans
 176666     4/5

Sampling Plus 1.0

Cartoon Ricochet 2

Cartoon ricochet sound effects, thanks to Grant Evans.

Grant Evans Grant Evans
 148696     4/5

Public Domain


A countdown from 5. 5 4 3 2 1 Go.

Me Me
 216017     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Eye Poke

Eye Poke sound effect like the ones from The Three Stooges. Thanks to Klocko for the sound.

Klocko Klocko
 63343     4/5

Public Domain

Banana Slap

Slapped in face with a banana. Ouch

AngryFlash AngryFlash
 168785     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Incoming Suspense

When something is coming. Great suspense sound fx.

Maximilien Maximilien
 697083     4/5

Public Domain

Pc Says I Love You

Computer saying I Love You from linux command line.

Jack Jack
 107829     4/5

Attribution 3.0


Tick sound of a Tick-Tock clean and quick tick.

DeepFrozenApps DeepFrozenApps
 295525     4/5