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Male Sounds

Here are the sounds that have been tagged with Male free from Please bookmark us Ctrl+D and come back soon for updates!

All files are available in both Wav and MP3 formats.

Attribution 3.0

Maniacal Witches Laugh

A very maniacal Witch Laugh great for a halloween soundtrack, for scary movie, or scifi and fantasy fanatics.

Mike Koenig Mike Koenig
 653643     4/5

Public Domain

Female Scream Horror

Scream sound effect. Woman screaming at the top of her lungs in fear or horror. Great for Halloween or a spooky movie.

NeoPhyTe NeoPhyTe
 550314     4/5

Public Domain

Evil Laugh Male 6

I have an Evil inside me... Hi Ha Ha Ha... LOL

Himan Himan
 467440     4/5

Personal Use Only

Evil Laugh Cackle

evil laugh cackle from male great sound for a haunted house or scary movie or game scene.

 338379     4/5

Sampling Plus 1.0

Psycho Scream

A super psycho scream that is blood curdling to say the least.

FreqMan FreqMan
 288245     4/5

Attribution 3.0


A male vocal actor was hired to vocalize laughing or laughter for funny sounds. This is top quality audio and totally free original audio for SoundBible be sure to share and spread the word.

Mike Koenig Mike Koenig
 287117     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Paparazzi Cameras

paparazzi cameras the sound of many cameras going off at once Requested by fiona.

Mike Koenig Mike Koenig
 271520     4/5

Attr-Noncommercial 3.0


Stupid rebel loud annoying pain screaming, great for torture, horror, or Halloween movies and movie scenes.

Ragdoll485 Ragdoll485
 259850     4/5

Public Domain

Creepy Laugh

An Evil laugh created by mixing different pitches together and adding a echo. Thanks to Adam Webb.

Adam Webb Adam Webb
 259187     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Dark Laugh

Audio recording of me vocal has be pitch shifted. Spooky sound.

HopeinAwe HopeinAwe
 225484     4/5

Public Domain

Evil Laugh Male 9

I have an Evil inside me... Hi Ha Ha Ha... LOL

Himan Himan
 214553     4/5

Sampling Plus 1.0


Perfect doorbell sound effect as requests by tamale, thanks for the sound request.

bennstir bennstir
 197163     4/5

Personal Use Only

Screaming Female

screaming female sound is great for a horror scene

 180742     4/5

Sampling Plus 1.0


Sound of someone in pain. Great for a fight or death scene in a movie.

thecheeseman thecheeseman
 167590     4/5

Personal Use Only

Female Scream

Female scream is a lofi woman screaming sound

 155491     4/5

Attribution 3.0

People Screaming

Sound of people screaming. Great fear, horror, or surprise screaming sound effect. 3 or 4 people screaming include 1 kid, 1 adult male, 1 adult female.

Mike Koenig Mike Koenig
 123894     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Sad Male

Male vocal actor was hired to vocalize sad or crying. This is the guys audio use it for a movie or game or whatever. Just give us some credit please.

Mike Koenig Mike Koenig
 119688     4/5

Noncommercial 3.0

Turkey Gobble

The gobble is one of the principal vocalizations of the male wild turkey and is used primarily in the spring to let hens know he is in the area. Field recording by National Wild Turkey Federation.
 116551     4/5

Personal Use Only

Male Grunt

Some guy grunting. I dont know what his problem is. :)

 114137     4/5

Public Domain

Police Scanner Chatter

Male police officer speaks about a handgun and retaliation to witness information.

PoliceScan PoliceScan
 107418     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Psychotic Laugh Female

Super psychotic female laugh from a possesed girl or demonic minion. Great for halloween.

Mike Koenig Mike Koenig
 104631     4/5

Sampling Plus 1.0

Two Tone Doorbell

Two Tone Doorbell sound effect as requests by tamale, thanks for the sound request.

akanimbus akanimbus
 103492     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Goofy Laugh

a spontaneous goofy laugh in response to my sons question about what im eating.

Mike Koenig Mike Koenig
 100400     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Suicide Bomber 2

Another suicide bomber is at it again this time the poor guy sees him coming and tries to stop him. Male vocals credit goes to Ragdoll485.

Mike Koenig Mike Koenig
 92055     4/5

Attribution 3.0

6 Cat Meows

Cat male or female meowing 6 times in a row take your pick of cat meows and cut that one out for games or movies.

Mr Smith Mr Smith
 87194     4/5

Attribution 3.0


The sound of a male saying the word hello. Great spoken word human sound.

Mike Koenig Mike Koenig
 86454     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Turkey Call

Very clean and mastered turkey hen calling. Can be used to call male Tom or Gobbler. Great for hunters.

JimBob JimBob
 80747     4/5

Attribution 3.0


Male vocalizing anger and rage. Hired a vocal actor just for these audio bits. Use however you want just give us credit and tell your friends.

Mike Koenig Mike Koenig
 78441     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Woah Male

A normal guy surprised by some random thing. Thanks to Sound Explorer for another great sound.

Sound Explorer Sound Explorer
 77287     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Pissed Off Duck

Sound of a pissed off mallard duck mom protecting her ducklings from a larger adult male.

Mike Koenig Mike Koenig
 75685     4/5