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Public Domain

Steve Calling

Claiming Steveis calling. This is user submitted content. Not sure why steve is calling, but he is. We had to remove 2 curse words sorry.

Dave Dave
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Attribution 3.0

Hockey Puck Slap

Hockey Sound Effects file. This sound is of a hockey player hitting the puck with his stick.

jameb32 jameb32
 24992     4/5

Public Domain

Crowd At Carnival

Sound of a crowd or large mass of people at a carnival celebration!

stephan stephan
 79555     4/5

Public Domain

Cutting Tree Limb

Sound of someone sawing or cutting a medium size tree limb off a tree. This sound like other sounds can also be used for other sound effects like a surgical or bone saw.

qubodup qubodup
 23569     4/5

Attribution 3.0

T Rex Roar

Super cool t rex roar or roaring sound effect requested by malik. Thanks for the request.

levitb levitb
 138383     4/5

Public Domain

Large Door Slam

Very large metal or wooden door slam or slamming shut sound effect with reverb and echo.

stephan stephan
 82694     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Fire Alarm

Fire alarm sound effect. This is an old school fire alarm, one of the ones that actually strikes the metal bell with a hammer. Great sound effect.

battlestar10 battlestar10
 170281     4/5

Public Domain

Tape Deck

Super retro tape deck sound effect from a cassette player in a car. It has the click and reel sound effect, like you just popped a tape in and its starting.

stephan stephan
 73215     4/5

Sampling Plus 1.0

Scary Scream

Very scary scream that should do great for upcoming Halloween!

rutgermuller rutgermuller
 422894     4/5