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Attribution 3.0

Gum Bubble Pop

All voicing for this common bubble gum trick. Big thanks to Sound Explorer for another great sound.

Sound Explorer Sound Explorer
 129929     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Evil Laugh 2

A malicious laugh for the sneakier type.

Sound Explorer Sound Explorer
 190275     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Swords Collide

Metal on metal with enhanced speed and pitch to agree with speakers

Sound Explorer Sound Explorer
 135344     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Cartoon Running

Sound of someone running fast. Its a bit cartoonish :)

Cam Cam
 171807     4/5

Public Domain

Finger Snapping

The sound of a person snapping their finger 3 times.

Maddie Fix Maddie Fix
 66837     4/5

Public Domain

Bubble Gum Pop

Popping of bubble gum sweet fruity chewing gum. Pops 2 times.

Natalie Wendt Natalie Wendt
 61737     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Air Wrench Short

Sound of an air wrench like that used during a NASCAR pit stop being used to remove or put a lug nut on.

Lightning McQue Lightning McQue
 69798     4/5

Attribution 3.0


Call of a falcon as it flies across the sky. Thanks to Mark Mattingly for this sound.

Mark Mattingly Mark Mattingly
 98916     4/5

Attribution 3.0

Electric Razor

I recorded a sound which sounds a lot like an electric razor. I added bass to give it some juice. Thanks to Mark DiAngelo for this one.

Mark DiAngelo Mark DiAngelo
 57253     4/5