SoundBible Hacked

Just a warning to any of you out there who might have submitted suggestions or sound requests using our sites suggestion utility. We were hacked and that long list of emails has been stolen. No passwords were associated with the data so your accounts elsewhere should not be in jeopardy, however if you have seen a huge increase in spam this may be part of the issue. We have since cleared all emails from the system, but left the sound fx request for later. We will get to the sounds we think fit out system at some point.

We have spent the last several months securing this and our other sites with the assistance of many security experts and books.

Summary: Our database was cracked/hacked and a list of emails stolen. We are as secure as possible now. If you have never requested a sound this will not affect you at all.

Sorry and thank you for using

Whats New @

We have just updated a huge portion of our user platform.  We’ve added all sorts of new things, and we’d like to detail them and get your opinion. Please post feedback below in the comment section. All ideas and concepts are welcome.

So what’s new here @ ?

  1. Share Your Recordings-You can now record and share your own audio recordings, we want your help. Record and upload your original sounds. Is there something that you see in your everyday life that sound interesting? READ MORE HERE
  2. New MP3 Player – We’ve commissioned a custom mp3 player that shows you what the sound looks like. It renders an image of the wave just like Audacity or other sound apps. By visualizing the sound you can better get a feel for it’s dimensions. It also includes a volume control, position sidebar, and a display of the sound time.

    mp3 player new

    mp3 player new

  3. More Download Options – We’ve now added a 3rd download option. Zip file download. If you are on a slow connection or just wan to download the wav files faster then you should try the new .zip file downloads. This feature compresses the .wav files for faster download.

    download options

    download options

  4. New Header Image – The banner at the top of the main site was updated recently. We hope you like the new banner. We think it looks more professional than the last one. Nice and clean.

    new header

    new header for main site

Give us your feedback and any other ideas you can think of. :)

Free Sound Effects for Tux Paint

Free SoundFx Tux Paint

Free SoundFx Tux Paint has recorded some sounds for Tux Paint [] Tux Paint is a free, award-winning drawing program for children ages 3 to 12 (for example, preschool and K-6). It combines an easy-to-use interface, fun sound effects, and an encouraging cartoon mascot who guides children as they use the program. was contacted in June as well as July for several sounds via the request a sound feature on the site. Here are the sounds created.

If your project or application needs sound effect be it error sounds, or tool sounds like tuxpaint please contact us and we’ll help for free! All we ask is that you provide us with a link on your website and or “credit” for the sounds in the notes distributed with the project/about page. & BC Finance Ministry

Logo BC Ministry of Finance

Logo BC Ministry of Finance

SoundBible was contacted recently by Kevin Watt of the British Columbia Ministry of Finance.

He requested sounds that the Ministry will be using for their internal communications department. is very happy to be of assistance to such an esteemed organization.

They will be using the creative commons attribution licensed files for a video or presentation within their organization of which they say there are around 40,000 employees. Launches Free Sound Clips Blog

Free Sound Clips

Free Sound Clips

SoundBible is open for buisiness! After months of development we’ve managed to pull together a project that we have fallen in love with. is 100% free and requires no registration, no hesitation, and no constipation.. (scratch that last part sorry). We tried to make the site as pleasing as possible. The blog was launched Jan of 2009 to further assist the growing community.

This site offers thousands of free sound effects, sound clips, and straight up sounds. These sounds can be used in a variety of sound projects including Video Sound Scores, Movie Scoring, Game Design, Powerpoint Presentations, Prank Calls, Sound Boards, and the list goes on.

A few popular free sound clips; fight sounds, car sounds, dog bark, city sounds, gross sounds, bird sounds, scream sounds, whale sounds, ocean sounds, jungle sounds, dog sounds, dj sounds, fart sounds, thunder sounds, animal sounds, human sounds, machine sounds, nature sounds, heartbeat sound, gun sounds, funny sounds, red alert sounds, scream sounds, cartoon sounds, laugh sounds, xp sounds, vista sounds, computer sounds, horror sounds, scary sounds, cat sounds, dog sounds,sound bites, bell sound, beach sounds, war sounds, crowd sounds, game show sounds, sports sounds, military sounds, work sounds, kid sounds, cool sounds, powerpoint sounds, hospital sounds, explosion sounds, see more…