Sharing Sounds with

Thanks for Sharing!

Thanks for Sharing!

We want to give a big thanks to those people who have shared sounds with We recently implemented a share your sounds feature, so that users could share their audio with other like minded individuals.

Big thanks to those of you willing to share. It’s also kind of fun to see your recording posted online, if you are into that sort of thing.

How to Share?
We attempted to make the process as straightforward and user friendly as computerly possible.

You can share either an mp3 or wav sound recording. MP3 is the most likely choice, but it doesn’t matter so long as it’s an .mp3 or .wav file.

If you are looking for something to record with you can always download audacity.

Most of the time we use a Zoom H4 handy recorder, the quality on this little mobile recorder is about as professional as it gets, and you can usually pick one up for around $200 if you shop around.

If you don’t want to shell out $200 you can always use the mic on your pc or cell phone. Most of our sound effects are used for school media projects, flash games, fun, or similar. Those applications don’t’ require the super detailed audio that a million dollar movie would.

So if you are interested in helping out SHARE YOUR SOUNDS

If you need help recording then read How to Record Sounds

Thanks again to all those people that are helping build our public sound collection. We sincerely appreciate the effort.

DVD Audio Burning Software

Express Burn

Express Burn

Express Burn is a program for Windows that lets you create and record audio or data CDs with any PC with a CD recorder installed. With Express Burn you can record a data or audio CD quickly and easily by dragging the files you want onto the Express Burn icon and clicking record.

Express Burn CD/DVD Burner application was designed to help you create all kind of CDs, DVDs or BDs.

Express Burn CD/DVD Burner then does all the rest converting the files if required. It is also the fastest CD writing program in the world using proprietary optimizing systems.

Here are some key features of “Express Burn”:

Writes the following types of discs:
· Data CDs (perfect for backup)
· Audio CDs (for traditional CD player)
· Mp3 CDs (larger capacity alternative to audio cds)
· Supports multi session recording to CD (you can choose to add more music tracks at a later time).
· Records CD Recordable (CDR) and CD Re-recordable (CDRW) discs.
· Can seamlessly burn audio CDs with no pause between tracks.
· Express Burn Plus can burn ISO compliant data DVDs and Blue-ray discs (DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD R, DVD RW, BD-R, BD-RE, BD-R DL, BD-RE DL).
· Video DVD Authoring – video files will be re-encoded and made in to a standard DVD Movie disk, playable on a DVD player (Plus version only)
· Choice of widescreen or standard formats for video dvd authoring.
· Record video files to PAL or NTSC.
· Support Joliet and CDA formats.
· Data CDs support multilevel folders and long file names.
· Audio CDs are recorded with direct digital recording (so perfect audio quality is maintained).
· For Audio CDs it supports wav, mp3, wma, au, aiff, ra, ogg, flac, aac and a number of other audio file formats.
· Data CDs are fully ISO compliant with Joliet extension.
· Includes command line operation for automation and integration with other programs.
· Supports fast, right mouse click functionality for burning ISO images.
· Simple, easy to use interface for day-to-day operation.

[Download Here]

Sound Editing Shareware

Sound Editing is the art of editing sounds. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out right? There are probably hundreds of different software or software bundles out there that allow the user to edit sounds. If however you don’t feel like shelling some serious cash and want some shareware there is really only 1.
Audacity Sound Editor
Audacity Sound Editor

Audacity is free, lightweight, and works on multiple platforms. From PC to Mac to Linux, Audacity is the tool for sound editors the world over.

Audacity Downloads

All About Free

Here at we are all about free. Be it free software, free sounds, or free loops we are here to help the audio community. If you enjoy our site please be sure to share the love!

Scary Sounds

Scary Sounds

Scary Sounds

Here is a massive list of scary sounds from the repository. A few hundred spooky and scary sounds that you can use on the go. No downloading required, just pick a sound and click play.

See all the scary sounds here.

Here is a list of some of the hundred or so sound effects that are on that page. If you decide to download and use them the license is also listed.

It may take a few seconds for all the sound previews to load, there are a ton. But after they load you should see a little green play button. Continue reading …

How to Record Sounds

How to Record Sounds

How to Record Sounds

Wikipedia describes recording sounds as “Sound recording and reproduction is a electrical or mechanical inscription and re-creation of sound waves.” (read more) While that sounds cool and all it really doesn’t help much we know. :)

Looking to record sounds for personal use, commercial use, or just for fun? It’s really a cool hobby to have. If you are like me a sound means more than a photo. You know the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Well to me a high resolution sound recording is worth a thousand and one words.

If you travel, or have kids, or go to a game, or other such things it’s always so amazing to record the audio and listen back on it a few months or years later. Its amazing really.

Here check this recorded sound out.

Yep that’s somebody peeing in the toilet, cool huh. I bet that’s not something you hear everyday. I mean it sounds like your head is in the toilet right? How cool is that!

That was recorded with my Zoom 4 Handy Recorder a “handy” little device suggested to us by Bram.

Recording Sounds with Zoom 4 Handy Recorder

Recording Sounds with Zoom 4 Handy Recorder “The Zoom H4 Handy Digital Recorder fits in your palm and is ideal for recording live musical performances, interviews, podcasts, meetings, classes and seminars. The H4 allows you to record 24-bit/96 kHz digital audio as well as in MP3 format with bitrates up to 320kbps.” Samson Zoom 4 This little jewel is absolutely amazing, the quality of sound that comes out of this things superb. I mean the thing sells for around $200 that’s dirt cheap!

It records to flash disc of which you can now get a 4GB for around $25 at just about any store selling them. Samson says “With a 16GB SD memory card, the H4 provides up to 24 hours of stereo WAV file recording in 44.1kHz/16-bit mode (CD Quality), or as many as 280 hours in MP3 stereo mode.” I’ve yet to find a 16GB card, but you get the point right?

When you are done just plug your recorder into a mac or pc with the usb cable that came with it, then drag the files over to your computer just like you would drag across photos or word documents.

If you do decide to get a Zoom 4 we suggest not loosing the little wind screen foam ball that comes with it, that thing is hard to keep up with. :)
Well thanks for visiting SoundBible and reading this article. We hope you have fun in your ventures, and be sure to come back soon.

Building a Sound Library

Sound Library Part 1

Sound Library Part 1

Every sound designer, editor, game developer, flash addict, and producer worth his salt needs a good sound library.

There are several trains of thought when it comes to creating one, the first being not to. It’s easy now days, to just get what you want online there are literally hundreds of searchable sites online where you can find what you wan when you want and how you want. Google and Yahoo alone offer neat little hacks, tricks, and options that allow you to search for sounds.

Storing Your Library

External Hard Drive for Library

External Hard Drive for Library

Assuming you want a library on hand because of limitations on bandwidth or lack of internet access due to geo location, we suggest you buy an external hard drive of some sort. Do not use a flash drive. Although you can get these things cheap they fail often, and without warning.

We suggest you go With a Western Digital External USB Hard Drive. Please note that we are not affiliated, nor are we making a profit from this suggestion. Read more at the official page on Western Digital: (read html) (read pdf)

The next step is to start selecting your sounds. You need to ask yourself a few questions.




  • Are you planning to use your library to create products you’ll sell commercially? If so you need “Royalty Free Sounds
  • Are you going to use this library for personal or educational use only? If so you can use just about any sound you can get your hands on. Assuming you are in the United States. Please read the Fair Use Agreement

Those are the 2 main questions you need to ask yourself and are the main “fork in the road” while creating a library. Business or Pleasure as they say. For fun or for finance.

No matter what you are using your sounds for there are several basic rules to follow.

  1. Always rename to a standard convention you can understand. Some people will tell you “Ooh.. no you have to do it this way”, but in the end you are the one using it so you need to rename them in such a way so that you know what they are.
  2. Keep the names short and sweet. Try not to use something like “City sounds from some guy from New York Very Good” maybe do something like “City Sounds 001” or “City Snds 001” or “City 001”
  3. Group like items into folders. That’s pretty self explanatory right?

That’s really all there is to it. Assuming you follow this guide you should have a nice sound library in no time. :)

What’s that you say? You need sounds for your library? Ooh. of course.

Here are a few of our favorite sounds sites

Favorite Sound Sites

Favorite Sound Sites

Another quick tip. If you are running windows its always nice to visually distinguish between MP3 and Wav Files You can do that by showing file extensions.

Be sure to bookmark this page and come back soon. Part 2 of Building a Sound Library will be up soon! Part 2 will look at advance search technics for using Google and Yahoo to comb the web for sounds, and anything else we can think of in the mean time.

Thanks- Mike Koenig

Free Sound Effects for Tux Paint

Free SoundFx Tux Paint

Free SoundFx Tux Paint has recorded some sounds for Tux Paint [] Tux Paint is a free, award-winning drawing program for children ages 3 to 12 (for example, preschool and K-6). It combines an easy-to-use interface, fun sound effects, and an encouraging cartoon mascot who guides children as they use the program. was contacted in June as well as July for several sounds via the request a sound feature on the site. Here are the sounds created.

If your project or application needs sound effect be it error sounds, or tool sounds like tuxpaint please contact us and we’ll help for free! All we ask is that you provide us with a link on your website and or “credit” for the sounds in the notes distributed with the project/about page.