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100 Funny Sound Fx

Funny Sounds

Royalty Free Funny Sounds

We at SoundBible.com have put together a comprehensive list of studio quality sound fx for use in your projects. This is an affordable yet powerful sound pack that all artist should have in their toolbox, and at .10 a sound it’s well worth every penny. [Download Demo Here]

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  1. Air Horn
  2. Aoooga
  3. Baby Giggle 1
  4. Baby Giggle 2
  5. Baby Giggle 3
  6. Bannana Peel Slip 1
  7. Bannana Peel Slip 2
  8. Bicycle Horn
  9. Billy Goat Bleat
  10. Blow Nose
  11. Boing
  12. Boink
  13. Bubble Pop
  14. Burp 1
  15. Burp 10
  16. Burp 2
  17. Burp 3
  18. Burp 4
  19. Burp 5
  20. Burp 6
  21. Burp 7
  22. Burp 8
  23. Burp 9
  24. Cartoon Enlarge
  25. Cartoon Eye Blink
  26. Cartoon Fall
  27. Cartoon Flip
  28. Cartoon Head Shake No
  29. Cartoon Head Shake Yes
  30. Cartoon Jump
  31. Cartoon Scramble
  32. Cartoon Shrink
  33. Cartoon Slip
  34. Cartoon Whistle
  35. Chipmunk Argue
  36. Chipmunk Giggle
  37. Circus 1
  38. Circus 2
  39. Clown Nose
  40. Comedy Ruler Twang
  41. Cow Bell
  42. Cow Moo
  43. Crowd Laugh 1
  44. Crowd Laugh 2
  45. Crowd Laugh 3
  46. Crowd Laugh 4
  47. Crowd Laugh 5
  48. Crowd Laugh 6
  49. Ding Ding Ding
  50. Donkey
  51. Drum Roll
  52. Elephant Trumpet
  53. Fart 1
  54. Fart 10
  55. Fart 2
  56. Fart 3
  57. Fart 4
  58. Fart 5
  59. Fart 6
  60. Fart 7
  61. Fart 8
  62. Fart 9
  63. Funny Chicken
  64. Funny Monkey
  65. Goofy Laugh 1
  66. Goofy Laugh 2
  67. Hiccups Baby
  68. Hiccups Female
  69. Hiccups Kid
  70. Hiccups Man
  71. Jump
  72. Kid Laugh 1
  73. Kid Laugh 2
  74. Kid Laugh 3
  75. Kid Laugh 4
  76. Kid Laugh 5
  77. Lady Laugh 1
  78. Lady Laugh 2
  79. Lady Laugh 3
  80. Lady Laugh 4
  81. Man Laugh 1
  82. Man Laugh 2
  83. Man Laugh 3
  84. Man Laugh 4
  85. Party Horn 1
  86. Party Horn 2
  87. Party Horn 3
  88. Pig
  89. Pop
  90. Quack Quack
  91. Rip Underpants 1
  92. Rip Underpants 2
  93. Sad Trombone 1
  94. Sad Trombone 2
  95. Slide
  96. Snap
  97. Spring 1
  98. Spring 2
  99. Yelling Yee Ha
  100. Zipper

[Download Demo Here]

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100 War Sound Fx Royalty Free

Download Now! (250MB)

100 War Sound FX is a collection of studio quality sound clips that range from weapons used in the early 1900’s to futuristic ones like ray guns and heat rays. This video is a low resolution preview of that includes many of the sounds that are included in the pack.

All sounds are original and royalty free for commercial use once you’ve purchased them. If you want to check the list of sounds out its just below the video demo.

Full List of Sounds…

  1. 50 Cal Machine Gun Fire 1
  2. 50 Cal Machine Gun Fire 2 (urban reverb from buildings)
  3. AK-47 Gunfire 2 (urban reverb from buildings)
  4. AK-47 Gunfire 3 Incoming + Impacts and Small Richochets
  5. AK-47 Gunfire 4 Long Bursts
  6. AK-47 Insert Magazine
  7. AK-47 Mag Load + Charging Handle
  8. AK47 Charging Handle
  9. AR-15 Charging Handle
  10. AR-15 Lock Load
  11. AR-15_M-16 3 Round Bursts Close 2 (urban reverb from buildings)
  12. AR-15_M-16 4 Long Bursts
  13. Body Punch
  14. Bow Shot
  15. Bullet Metal Impacts 1 (tank_humvee_jeep_sheet metal_helmet)
  16. Bullets Wizzing By
  17. Chambering A Round
  18. Cock Gun 1
  19. Death 1
  20. Death 2
  21. Death 3
  22. Death 4
  23. Distant artillery blasts
  24. Draw Sword
  25. Face Punch
  26. Fighter plane dive bombing
  27. Flamethrower 1
  28. Flamethrower 2
  29. Forcefield 1
  30. Forcefield 2
  31. Fuse Burning Short
  32. Futurisitc Death Ray 1
  33. Futurisitc Death Ray 2
  34. Futuristic Heat Ray 1
  35. Futuristic Heat Ray 2
  36. Futuristic Laser 1
  37. Futuristic Laser 2
  38. Glock Rack Slide
  39. Glock Reload
  40. Grenade Throw + Explosion 1 and Debris (outgoing)
  41. Grenade Throw + Explosion 1 and Debris_Shrapnel (incoming)
  42. Grenade Throw + Explosion 2 and Debris (outgoing)
  43. Grenade Throw + Explosion 2 and Debris Shrapnel (incoming)
  44. Gunshot 3 times
  45. Gunshot Single
  46. Heavy infantry movement
  47. Helicopter interior
  48. Helicopter Large 1
  49. Helicopter Large 2 with 30mm Cannon
  50. Helicopter Large Firing Rockets
  51. Hovering Huey helicopter
  52. Incoming Bomb + Large Explosion + Debris
  53. Incoming Bomb 2 + Large Explosion + Debris
  54. Inside Tank
  55. Intense World War II battle with rifles firing, soldiers yelling, machine guns
  56. Intrusion Alarm
  57. Knife Flick Open
  58. Leather Sheath and Machette
  59. Light infantry movement
  60. Machette _ Sword Attack Chop 1
  61. Machette _ Sword Attack Chop 2
  62. Machine Gun Fire Incoming 1
  63. Machine Gun Fire Incoming 2
  64. Machine Gun Fire Outgoing 1 (small and large)
  65. Machine Gun Fire Outgoing 2 (small and large)
  66. Missile
  67. Mortar Round Fire 1 Impact and Cement and other debris (incoming)
  68. Mortar Round Fire 1
  69. Pain 1
  70. Pain 2
  71. Pain 3
  72. Pain 4
  73. Pain 5
  74. Pain 6
  75. Pain 7
  76. Pain 8
  77. Pain 9
  78. Pump Shotgun 1
  79. RPG Incoming 1 + Explosion _ Debris _Shrapnel
  80. RPG Outgoing 1 + Explosion _ Debris _Shrapnel
  81. RPG Short
  82. Self Destruct Alarm
  83. Shotgun (+shells hitting cement)
  84. Sniper Bolt Action Load Round
  85. Sniper Bolt Action Rifle Internal Magazine Load
  86. Squadron fighter planes flies by
  87. Stab 1
  88. Stab 2
  89. Tactical Flashlight On
  90. Tank Battle 1
  91. Tank Battle 2
  92. Tank Fire Outgoing 1 + debris explosion
  93. Tank Fire Incoming 1 + debris explosion
  94. Tank Fire Incoming 2 + debris explosion
  95. Tank Fire Outgoing 2 + debris explosion
  96. Ultimate Sword Attack
  97. World War 1 Battlefield 1
  98. World War 1 Battlefield 2
  99. World War 2 Battlefield 1
  100. World War 2 Battlefield 2
  101. World War II battle ambience with machines guns, rifles, planes

Royalty Free War Sound Fx

Royalty Free War Sound Fx

Royalty Free Nature Sounds

Nature Sound Pack

Nature Sound Pack 1

Nature Sounds Pack 1 from Koenig Media, LLC is a world class royalty free nature sound effects pack created specifically for Koenig Media, LLC.

We feel that these studio quality nature sounds will surpass your expectations. This is a high end pack that has over 100 original sound effects and sound scapes some of which are 3 minutes or longer. Pack available in .WAV download format only, and no CD is available for shipping to save time and money. Royalty Free Nature Sound List (PDF)

Download Now

Download Now

SoundBible Server Upgrades

Server Upgrades

Server Upgrades

SoundBible has recently moved servers and hosting companies. We rent our servers from companies that specialize in server management and security.

The price of technology is always dropping due to market competition and other such forces. This means that every so many years it’s smart to change server plans. What we spent years ago for a server will no buy us 2x as much, and because of this we upgraded.

You should notice a huge improvement in page load times, downloads, and even uploads (if you share your own sounds).

During the move we had minimal downtime. As we say where I’m from “if you blinked you missed it”. So we hope you missed it :)

We also hope that you will enjoy many improvements this change will bring, and as always keep spreading the word :)

SoundBible Presents Free Audio Bible

SoundBible Presents Audio Bible

SoundBible Presents Audio Bible

Listen to or Download Audio Bible Here
SoundBible.com has finally added the Holy Bible to in ever growing collection of audio. The Bible can be downloaded or streamed online by chapters. It may also be downloaded in PDF format (both the Catholic and Standard King James versions)

Just like everything else on our website it’s totally and 100% free. We consider our site a service to the community and will continue to publish, or in this case re-publish content for our loyal users.

Please be sure to spread the word and help us grow. Post a link to us on your churches website, your blog, or include a link in you email signature. For more information on how to do that click here

Since we launched we’ve been asked to include some version of an Audio Bible in our database but have not yet had the time to do so.

Listen to or Download Audio Bible Here

YouTube Video Sound Effects

YouTube Page

YouTube Page

Get Sounds for Your Videos or Visit Our YouTube Channel
Looking for some cool YouTube Video Sound Effects? We’ve started a new YouTube channel in an effort to reach more users from the Video Production community, and we’ve posted a dozen or so clips already. The videos we’ve posted are of sound effects with a small image clip embedded for a bit of a visual reference. Check out our channel and be sure to subscribe so we can push updates to your account. Get Sounds for Your Videos or Visit Our YouTube Channel
We are going to post a few of the videos here in this post as well.

Thanks for the support everyone, and remember to tell anyone who may be interested about SoundBible.com Get Sounds for Your Videos or Visit Our YouTube Channel

Rate Our Sounds

Ratings System

Rate Our Sounds

We’ve just integrated a new rating system and we wanted to ask all our users to start rating our sounds. All you have to do is choose a rating anywhere from 1 – 5 and click that star. 5 being the best and 1 being the worst. You don’t even need to be a registered user, so no login required.

Please let us know what sounds you like and what songs you don’t and we’ll try to improve the quality of the sounds that you enjoy.

Thanks for checking out our blog as well. Have a look around and of course all comments are welcome :)

Train Sound Effects Recorded

We recorded some great sounds from a passing freight train today, here is the full audio as well as some chopped up sound clips of the train. The train honks several times, approaches, honks more, passes, and you can hear the metal scraping or grinding of the the wheels from the freight. This was a short freight train (this is perfect), and means you get the full approach, pass, and honk plus other sound effects in just under a minute. Have at it and enjoy, these sound effects are under creative commons attribution 3.0

Listen to the train and see wavform here
Download Full Zip with Short MP3 and Long Version of Wav (18MB)
Download Short MP3 File Here
Download Short Wav File Here

Variations or derivatives of this sound effect clipped and edited:
Train Wheels Grinding 01.17.11
Train Honk Horn Clear 01.17.11
Train Honk Horn 2x 01.17.11
Train Honk Horn Distance 01.17.11
Train Approach N Pass 01.17.11

Be sure to check out all our other free sound clips and fx

Also want to give another BIG THANKS to those of you who have shared your own sounds and recordings using our share sound feature :)

See all train sound effects <—– there

Sound Search Suggestions

Search Updated

Search Updated

We’ve been listening to your sound requests as well as the search logs. It seems that like us, many of you are have issues spelling. (no offense)

Many of the requests are for sounds that we have in the catalog but that the requester has somehow misspelled.

The solution? We’ve integrated an auto suggest search feature that will suggest words based on our sound catalog. It shows you what we have in our database. Pretty cool huh?

So give it a try and give us some feedback. Thanks for using SoundBible.com and be sure to tell your friends about us. :)