Relaxing Rainstorm 8hrs Long

Spring Rain

We just recorded this today April 1st 2016, and it’s 45 minutes  of a relaxing spring rainstorm. It has birds, soft and hard rain, thunder, and even a few sirens in the far far distance at times. This is a great video to fall asleep too. Bookmark this page, and come back. Also be sure to share and like. We are going to test the video tonight when we should give it a try too. Sure beats a $30 dollar sound machine with a 10 second rain loop.

Picture of girl in rain can be downloaded here
Download the wav version of this file here (400MB)

the BG image is also creative commons and download it here

As always be sure to give us credit and reference if you use our audio in your projects. We’ve had hundreds of issues with people not leaving credit, and then when we go to use the sound we recorded…we get hit with copyright automated warnings. Please help us out. Have a great day and sleep well.