Train Sound Effects Recorded

We recorded some great sounds from a passing freight train today, here is the full audio as well as some chopped up sound clips of the train. The train honks several times, approaches, honks more, passes, and you can hear the metal scraping or grinding of the the wheels from the freight. This was a short freight train (this is perfect), and means you get the full approach, pass, and honk plus other sound effects in just under a minute. Have at it and enjoy, these sound effects are under creative commons attribution 3.0

Listen to the train and see wavform here
Download Full Zip with Short MP3 and Long Version of Wav (18MB)
Download Short MP3 File Here
Download Short Wav File Here

Variations or derivatives of this sound effect clipped and edited:
Train Wheels Grinding 01.17.11
Train Honk Horn Clear 01.17.11
Train Honk Horn 2x 01.17.11
Train Honk Horn Distance 01.17.11
Train Approach N Pass 01.17.11

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