Whats New @ SoundBible.com

We have just updated a huge portion of our user platform.  We’ve added all sorts of new things, and we’d like to detail them and get your opinion. Please post feedback below in the comment section. All ideas and concepts are welcome.

So what’s new here @ SoundBible.com ?

  1. Share Your Recordings-You can now record and share your own audio recordings, we want your help. Record and upload your original sounds. Is there something that you see in your everyday life that sound interesting? READ MORE HERE
  2. New MP3 Player – We’ve commissioned a custom mp3 player that shows you what the sound looks like. It renders an image of the wave just like Audacity or other sound apps. By visualizing the sound you can better get a feel for it’s dimensions. It also includes a volume control, position sidebar, and a display of the sound time.

    mp3 player new

    mp3 player new

  3. More Download Options – We’ve now added a 3rd download option. Zip file download. If you are on a slow connection or just wan to download the wav files faster then you should try the new .zip file downloads. This feature compresses the .wav files for faster download.

    download options

    download options

  4. New Header Image – The banner at the top of the main site was updated recently. We hope you like the new banner. We think it looks more professional than the last one. Nice and clean.

    new header

    new header for main site

Give us your feedback and any other ideas you can think of. :)

Sharing Sounds with SoundBible.com

Thanks for Sharing!

Thanks for Sharing!

We want to give a big thanks to those people who have shared sounds with SoundBible.com We recently implemented a share your sounds feature, so that users could share their audio with other like minded individuals.

Big thanks to those of you willing to share. It’s also kind of fun to see your recording posted online, if you are into that sort of thing.

How to Share?
We attempted to make the process as straightforward and user friendly as computerly possible.

You can share either an mp3 or wav sound recording. MP3 is the most likely choice, but it doesn’t matter so long as it’s an .mp3 or .wav file.

If you are looking for something to record with you can always download audacity.

Most of the time we use a Zoom H4 handy recorder, the quality on this little mobile recorder is about as professional as it gets, and you can usually pick one up for around $200 if you shop around.

If you don’t want to shell out $200 you can always use the mic on your pc or cell phone. Most of our sound effects are used for school media projects, flash games, fun, or similar. Those applications don’t’ require the super detailed audio that a million dollar movie would.

So if you are interested in helping out SHARE YOUR SOUNDS

If you need help recording then read How to Record Sounds

Thanks again to all those people that are helping build our public sound collection. We sincerely appreciate the effort.

SoundBible Search Upgrade

Search Update

Search Update

SoundBible.com has upgraded our search and tag features. We had a few issues with searching our sounds, the main one was that the results were gradually becoming more and more unrelated.This is because of our tagging system.

Before searching for a term would show you all sounds that had that word anywhere within the sounds data.

Now searching for a term will first give you the exact term, and if there is no term it will then perform a broader search.

As an example searching for pig before would yield both pig, pigs, and pigeon since pigeon has a pig in it. Now however it will only yield pig.

Hope this helps everyone out.

Feedback welcome!

More Search Upgrades Here

SoundBible.com Launches Free Sound Clips Blog

Free Sound Clips

Free Sound Clips

SoundBible is open for buisiness! After months of development we’ve managed to pull together a project that we have fallen in love with. SoundBible.com is 100% free and requires no registration, no hesitation, and no constipation.. (scratch that last part sorry). We tried to make the site as pleasing as possible. The blog was launched Jan of 2009 to further assist the growing community.

This site offers thousands of free sound effects, sound clips, and straight up sounds. These sounds can be used in a variety of sound projects including Video Sound Scores, Movie Scoring, Game Design, Powerpoint Presentations, Prank Calls, Sound Boards, and the list goes on.

A few popular free sound clips; fight sounds, car sounds, dog bark, city sounds, gross sounds, bird sounds, scream sounds, whale sounds, ocean sounds, jungle sounds, dog sounds, dj sounds, fart sounds, thunder sounds, animal sounds, human sounds, machine sounds, nature sounds, heartbeat sound, gun sounds, funny sounds, red alert sounds, scream sounds, cartoon sounds, laugh sounds, xp sounds, vista sounds, computer sounds, horror sounds, scary sounds, cat sounds, dog sounds,sound bites, bell sound, beach sounds, war sounds, crowd sounds, game show sounds, sports sounds, military sounds, work sounds, kid sounds, cool sounds, powerpoint sounds, hospital sounds, explosion sounds, see more…

iPhone Developers Wanted

iPhone App

iPhone App

SoundBible.com is looking for experienced iPhone developer(s) to create next generation iPhone application to be freely distributed.

We know there are tons of cool app’s out there that relate to sounds. We also understand the importance of mobile app’s.

The app will integrate sounds from soundbible.com. Any developers out there feel like helping? Any and all concepts welcome! Use “Request a Sound” form to contact us if you are interested!

SoundBible.com Twitters!

SoundBible on Twitter

SoundBible on Twitter

SoundBible.com has joined the craze that is Twitter. We now have a twitter page where we will be giving periodic updates about what’s going on here at SoundBible as well as info on some things you may find useful.

If you have not yet please follow us! We want to stay in touch!

Please tell your friends and partners in crime. We need and want all the help we can get!

Follow us at http://twitter.com/soundbible